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Max’s First Build A Bear Experience!

Our son, Max, just turned four years old and we had never yet brought him to Build A Bear, considering it more of a girl experience (our daughter has visited several times). But when I received the $40 gift card from Smiley 360, we really had no excuses and what a wonderful experience it turned out to be for our son!

First of all, it turned out that the selection of toys and accessories for boys were just as rich as for girls. In fact,our son has trouble picking out just one toy and we walked out with TWO stuffed animals! ‘

The associate that was guiding him though his super interactive experience was extremely friendly and really knew how to talk to a shy little boy. He was definitely overwhelmed by the attention, but she very quickly made him feel at easy and even crack up. Another associate was helping us pick out some of the clothing for the Ninja Turtle which was his second choice, and she was very knowledgeable about prices and their selection.

Max walked out of Build a Bear with two new friends, and great big smile on his face and feeling like he truly brought his buddies to life instead of just picking a stuffed animal off the rack. And he’s been asking to go back ever since!

We do get a lot of feedback pushing for Carrie and Quinn to get together […] they clearly have a connection…

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"Of course, we both know the real explanation for all this"

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Quinn is in love.

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Does Claire Danes ever laugh when she does the lip quiver

Rupert: No, But I do

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You’re welcome. 


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I’m going to need to watch that scene like 1,000 more times

The entire Caryl fandom (probably)

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Man the amount of relief you see in Daryl’s eyes is just…ugh….beautiful…CARYL ALL THE WAY

Man the amount of relief you see in Daryl’s eyes is just…ugh….beautiful…CARYL ALL THE WAY

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Someone’s been looking at Caryl fan art…

Amazing fan art by morphinepudding

No Sanctuary Caryl reunion gif by @queenpeletier

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